What is friendship?

December 17, 2013

Being for such few weeks din't update my blog dy!!!Arghhhh finally exam is over,hope can pass the subject *finger cross* I am thinking hmmm what should i blog about because i had been few weeks didn't going out and dunno what can share to you all...

Well just a little sharing today....Had you even try before when you good to a person but in the end you get nothing?I doesn't mean like you good to a person but in the end you must get a things from the person,what i trying to say at here is when you treat a friend as a best friend but in the end you found that you only a stranger to that friends....is hurt right?!Yes i was know this feeling since i was in secondary school,is quite a long time but sometimes not you don't wan to let it go but is just a very deep scar in your heart...

And i was like dunno when should i good to a person or not from that experience,is quite hurt and i leave my city to another city,start my new life,for you maybe like just a small matter but if you stand on my side,just think,what should you do when you know that your friends is not real to you?What mean friendship?Don't ask me,I really dunno...I quite envy to those really got best friends even is one only!

If you know what is friendship,just tell me pls....I wanna know.........


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