September 27, 2013

Food Review ❤ Steam King Seafood Restaurant ❤ Kota Damansara

I really strongly recommend those who like chinese cruisine,me and boyfie pay a visit to this restaurant just now,because all shop are close so left this still open in this supper time... So boyfie say : Why not just have a try!Yeaaaaa,then once we try, OMGGGGGG,our mind just like NEXT TIME will come AGAINNNNN.................HAHAHA!!!

This restaurant is located in Kota Damansara,opposite with 99Speedmart,is call Steam King Seafood Restaurant 清蒸皇,is a chinese cruisine =)

Let see the picture :

this is the signboard

signature of the restaurant :saltegg sparibe 咸蛋排骨,
I am that kind not really like to eat ribs people but this i really strongly recommend it,the taste is so good,not too salt (because i had try quite many place and they put too much of the salt egg!)

Another of they signature:Curry Toufu 
Yes,i had to say again.i not a curry lover,but after i try this,it is very yummy,because some of restaurant they put too much of santan,but this all average and the taste so good!!! 

Prawn Egg
Hmmm this still ok,the taste quite light,no have too much of MSG because most of restaurant always put many MSG and Salt!!!

Lastly,need to say that this become one of my favorite restaurant,those food that i can taste out they didn't put so much of MSG (because now most of restaurant put many of MSG!!!) Their food quite light and healthy.....So,why not pay a visit to them? =)

❤ Hope you guys like it.....XOXO loves ❤


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