May 28, 2014

West 57th Street Cafe by Zangtoi @ Parkson Pavilion

Can't you imagine there's a cozy cafe inside Parkson?As we know Parkson is a place that sell accessories,clothes etc......Well,there is a cafe which hide inside Parkson-West 57th Street Cafe by Zangtoi and also known as Zangtoi Cafe!

West 57th Street Cafe by Zangtoi is designed by a fashion designer. For your information,there main branch is at Sungai Wang and one branch is located at Parkson Pavilion. A cozy and classy environment,is actually attract me to try this cafe.....

Actually those decoration have price,is for sell....Haha,but the one things I admire is they know use those things to decorate and become a classy cafe.

And now is Food Timeeeee!
Their famous drink,fruit punch,if you go at lunch time 12pm-2.30pm,they got set lunch,if you order set and can refill how many times you want!Is really nice wey this drink.....Slurpss.....

Nasi lemak with Chicken Rendang
They serve asian delight too!And this also their signature,the rendang is quite ok,just the chicken overcook.....For me overall this dishes is ok lahhh.......And is quite big portion lol

Original Hainanese Chicken Chop,order by boyfie,he say the taste so so only.....And I had try little too,for me is ok lor......nothing special

Chocolate Banana Cake,love it =)Sweetness overload!

Lime Tea Cake,hmmmmm not really got taste any lime,feel more like butter cake lol......

For overall the food is still ok lahh,and if you order set right,their are fruit punch (refillable),one main course and one dessert!So is quite worth for it!Overall one set is around 20 like that.....and the portion is quite bigggg......Lastly,one i need to say is their service,is excellent......So although the food is so so,but still enjoy my lunch so much......!

Hope you all enjoy this post!

Love ya!XOXO.....

West 57th Street Cafe
Parkson Pavilion ,
Lot4-42, Level 4,
Pavilion, Kuala Lumpur.
Tel: 03-21457701
Opening hours: 10am – 1030pm ( Last order 930pm)
Website :


  1. actually the food is still ok but still worth to try it if you go at lunch time^^

  2. Never know that there's such a lovely cafe in Parkson, should check out next time. It's a good place to rest after doing a long day of shopping.