January 22, 2015

LC Derma Mild Body Wash

Nearby weekend again,so firstly I need to thanks HiShop sending me this bodywash last month and I had test for 1 months,let's see what conclusion I get and how do I think about this product.

I gonna intoducing LC Derma Mild Body Wash,is a brand who just reached to Malaysia and currently only exclusively on sold at HiShop.

LC Derma Mild Body Wash(RM39.90,300ml) made in collabration with Solabia Group France,formulated with sulfate-free system,and it can help to deep cleansing your skin.Beside that,it also will make your skin become smoother and soft feel,suitable from head to toe and gentle enough for everyday use.

And the most I like of this body wash is,they don't have so much of bubble when you use it,as we know if the body wash or face wash got a lot of bubbles will cause skin become dry,oh ya forget intro the feature of this body wash are 7Nos!What is 7Nos?
7Nos which are:
• NO Lanolin
• NO Colorant
• NO Animal Derived Ingredients
• NO Petrochmical
• NO Preservative Added
• NO Mineral Oil
• NO Comedogenic Ingredients

When you press on,you will see is transparent liquid,and here one point I don't like is need press alot to apply whole body(maybe I accustomed to bubble form),as I state above,there not much of bubble so you if you want apply whole body you really press alot......

So here a small testing,as you can see is no such bubble form!!

This is a comparison between my left hand and right hand.Left hand is the result:after using LC derma mild body wash,my skin become brighter and smoother.So how do you think?=)

What I like of this product:
Honestly after using this product my sensitive skin become smoother and doesn't itchy as before.

What I don't like of this product:
As I state above,this product doesn't have bubble form,so need to press alot to apply whole body,besides is the smell,like very weird,LOLLLL.....

Ok,time to sleep,for more information, please feel free to visit HiShop 
Official Website: http://www.hishop.my/



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