December 28, 2016

My Beautiful Me by Triumph

Wow year 2016 is almost end already. Ok so today i gonna share with you all about my favorite lingerie brands, and also the only brand fits me true to size. Once again thanks Malaysia's Hottest Bloggers +Tim Chew and Triumph Malaysia for the invite to join the journey of to feel the beautiful by Triumph, which is an annual event held at 1 Utama, in collaboration with Parkson, showcasing its winter 2016 collection.

The Triumph "My Beautiful Me" campaign showcases that Triumph's strength as the world's leading lingerie brand, emphasizing on empowering women's confidence, as well as feeling beautiful inside and outside. By giving women the confidence, beauty, perfect fit and style, Triumph through its stylish innovations is to ensure that can meet every single woman's desire and needs.

With MHB's girls ❤️ +Jiayeen Tan Elaine +Tenshi Chn Angelica ,Nicole and Kelly Siew

Met my girlfriend❤️

With the gorgeous  +Amber Chia and Malaysia's Hottest Founder +Tim Chew 

So here's is the opening gambit before the fashion show start. The special performance by Metero, a glitter speed painter who glitter paint Triumph's campaign name "My Beautiful Me".

To bring out the climax of the atmosphere, Ms Poova, Malaysia singer perfomed while the models strutted down the runway.

Triumph Winter Collection 2016 "My Beautiful Me" showcased into 3 themes which are : Adore, Cherish and Shine. What does Triumph try to bring in the message to public? Well, the characteristic of Adore is fun yet beautiful collection. Cherish showcased pretty and sassy.  And the third one, Shine being glamourous with a hint of sexiness at the same time. 

So here's some brilliant highlights of the Winter 2016 Collection.

That's all for the Fashion Show, so now you can get the winter collection at every Triumph outlet. Try now, find the one and make you shine.

These are the Winter Collection 2016❤️

Thank you Triumph Malaysia for the beautiful invitation again. 
Join the journey and feel beautiful with Triumph❤️

For more information can visit :
Website : Triumph Malaysia
Facebook : Triumph My

XoXo, Loves ❤️
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  1. Some of those looks were really beautiful! wish they had more in my size

    The Quirky Queer

    1. Ya i love their design <3 can visit their store to try it.