November 27, 2017

Rideasy, Malaysia's First Online Car Sharing Pattform! When you know car share can be so easy and interesting ♥

Never expect borrowing a car can be so easy now. With Rideasy, Malaysia's first online car sharing service provider web application, a car sharing marketplace. So now you can borrow a car with just very simple stpes : Search . Book . Ride .

As we know, not every people can afford to buy a car, meanwhile some family also have more than 3 car at home. So they create a win-win situation. now you can borrow your car to those who can't afford to buy a car / those who need a car immediately / or you wish to bring your family back to hometown or road trip, ride become so easy!

What is

Rideasy's CEO,Mr. Nizran Kudus and his partner, Rizal Mukti explain how does Rideasy works during the launch. It is totally somethings new to me and I am so excited to share more with you guys! As a car owner, now I can earn more by using Rideasy. For car borrower, now you can save more and the most important is sooooo much convenient!!! is a Malaysia company, established since August 2016, is a new enterprise that offers a user-friendly, secure and comprehensive online platform for users to share and borrow cars from its community members.

Secure, convenient and cheap!

I know the most concern question is : is it safe to borrow your car to other members of the community? Don't worry! Rideasy has thought of it! All transactions will be contracted with a sharing agreement. All shared vehicle will be protected with 24/7 nationwide breakdown assistance and personal coverage via Allianz Insurance.

So much secure that you guys no need worry!! What type of cat is available from borrowing? have wide selection of vehicles to choose from : sedan cars, MPVx, SUVs and high-end vehicles such as Bentley!!!! The best part, you can borrow all at affordable price which 40% cheaper than normal market rates.

How does it work?

For car owner
Now you can earn some pocket money to pay your car monthly installment. For car owner, is your car sitting parked most of time? Now is the time you can rent out by using 

Easy step to rent out your car!
Step 1 : Fill in all your personal details included verify your driving license and Identity card.
Step 2 : List your car model on Rideasy, upload some photos of it and fill in the car availability calendar.
Step 3 : Set your price and parameters.
Step 4 : Wait for notification if someone requests or books your car.
Step 5 : Choose to confirm or decline the booking.

For car borrower
Not everyone can afford to buy a car, or you may not to own a car at all, as have Uber and Grab can sometimes be cheaper. But if for road trip or need a bigger car to bring family go for a vacation or balik kampung, you can't use Grab or Uber, as there would be more expensive! So, you can use to borrow a car with affordable price, so much easier!

Easy step to borrow a car!
Step 1 : Search for the car which fulfill your needs.
Step 2 : Request for the car. Once the owner accepts the request, once the booking is confirmed and you can pay via online. 
Step 3 : Get the keys, inspect the car and enjoy the ride. Remember to refill the fuel and clean the car after use.

Sound like so cool right?!!!!
I think the interesting part is can earn money by just renting out own car and might have chances to try different car!! LOL! 

Find out more info about Rideasy : website :

Customer service : 03-20119878


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