February 7, 2018

Chir Chir Chicken Fusion Factory New Menu Food Tasting @ Pavilion Elite

If you are Korean drama fans / Korean food lover, I swear you will love about what I sharing at this post! South Korea's largest chain of the renowned "Chimaek", Chir Chir Fushion Chicken Factory Pavilion Elite KL serving freshly made chicken dishes. I am honored to have the opportunity to tried on their new menu.

"Chimaek", is a combination of "chi" for chicken and "maek" for beer. So the combination of this word means fried chicken + beer!! So, are you ready for chicken and beer? Let's start!

Funky and casual dining ambiance at Chir Chir Pavilion Elite, the first outlet in Malaysia.

New drinks menu 
Berry Purple Tok! Tok! (RM24.90)
So today, we are not going to talk about beer! HAHA! This is one of my favorite drinks, if you need something refreshing, order this! Cocktail with mix summer berries bring out the sour taste and add on with some mint leaves, perfect match with fried chicken!

Left : Raspberry Double Smoothies (RM24.90)
Ice-blended mango puree topped with raspberry slush and freshly whipped cream. If you are looking for somethings sweet, this might suit you. 

Middle : Mojito Double Smoothies (RM24.90)
Ice-blended mango puree topped with lime flavoured slush and freshly whipped cream

Right : Aqua Double Smoothies (RM24.90)
Ice-blended mango puree topped with tropical fruit slush and freshly whipped cream

Honestly, not a fans of double smoothies, as I think too sweet for me. LOL! But Berry Purple Tok!Tok! is a must to ordered drinks as I really like the sour and cooling taste. The drinks size is perfectly for 4 persons. 

New food menu

Chir Chir is well-known for its signature freshly cooked chicken dishes that are fried only upon order, to assured patrons to enjoy the highest freshness and quality from start to end of their visit. NO pre-fried and frozen chicken in Chir Chir! WOW, you can taste the most fresh chicken at here!

Besides of its freshness, each dishes is paired with proprietary sauces and marinade from Seoul.

Here is the new menu of the month ♥

 Curry Fried Chicken (RM30.90 - Normal Portion for 1) / (RM56.90 - Double Portion)

Chunks of chicken deep fried in Chir Chir's signature crispy batter and sprinkled generously with curry powder. I think this would be Malaysian favor. Love the crunchy feeling after I bite it. The taste abit similar like "Twisties" HAHAHA!!! 

P/S : actually their normal portion size is quite big,suitable for 2 - 3 person (if you are small eater like me) LOL!

 Honey Butter Chicken (RM24.90 - Normal Portion for 1) / (RM52.90 - Double Portion)

Inspired by the popular honey butter potato chips from Korea, Chir Chir comes out with their brand new Honey Butter Chicken. The honey butter chicken comes with fried toppoki (rice cakes), cranberries, almond slices and potato wedges. The first few bites were very satisfying, but the richness kicks in and I couldn't get myself to reach for another pieces. Yet, was worth to try this

Garlic Roasted Chicken (RM31.90 - Normal Portion for 1) / (RM57.90 - Double Portion)
Apart from fried chicken, Chir Chir also come out with the new menu - Garlic Roasted Chicken, over roasted chicken topped with special garlic sauce. Every piece was evenly coated in an almost-creamy sauce. This is non spicy and the taste is abit like BBQ chicken. 

Rose Cheese Chiqueen (RM33.90 - Normal Portion for 1) / (RM60.90 - Double Portion)

Cheese lover alert! This is one of my favorite ♥ Crispy fried chicken tenders in a rosy creamt mix of mozzarella and fondue cheese topped with chunky potato wedges and cherry tomatoes. You should definately not miss this amazing combination of cheeses and chicken!!!!

Take my calories and don't care!

Now I know why my friends keep hard sell their fried chicken! Honestly is indeed addictive and delicious! What I can say they have best Korean Fried chicken in Malaysia!  For new menu I highly recommend Curry Fried Chicken and Rose Cheese Chiqueen! Remember to order Berry Purple Tok!Tok k, must tryyyyyyyy ♥

Price is considered reasonable for the portion given and staffs are friendly and helpful too!

Chir Chir Fusion Chicken Factory, Pavilion KL (Pavilion Elite)
Address: Lot 1.108.00, Level 1, Pavilion Kuala Lumpur, 168, Jalan Bukit Bintang, 55100 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
Tel: 03-2110 4867


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