March 26, 2014

Skin Review : The Miracle of LA MER

Firstly I say sorry if you feel like been cheating of something of my previous picture,ok I admit that I using photo editor to edit every picture,because i had quite serious sensitive skin problem,who does not want go out with a naked face?I want too!!!And I had tried many skin care product before but it doesn't works on me!And one day I passby this brand of skincare and I decided to had a try!It is "La Mer".

Well I believe quite alot of people know about this brand,I heard my friend say their product is very nice to use!Especially their moisturizer gel!But is quite expensive for me but in the end I decide to try on it!Because I also hope one day I can go out with a very light makeup.....And after I been use for 16 days,I found some changes!!!My pore become small,pimples won't easy come out and now left only some scar!!! 

Here the picture of my changes:
Spot any different?Those red "ink" not so red dy........And my skin become softer and scar desalination...... 
This what I using now,The Tonic and Gel Cleanser

The Miracle : Moisturizing Gel Gream,this is essence of whole treatment!This gel contains an array of beneficial anti-aging ingredients.It have emollient function, the creamy soft texture feels great on dry skin.

Well,this is not an advertorial posts,is just a skin review because I feel my skin problem become more better so I decide to show everyone on it!By the way,this also my my first post of skin care!HAHAHA!!!

Hope you all like it!!!



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