March 10, 2014

A little birthday celebration for my dear ♥ Miam Miam @One Utama

Well well,quite for month i din update my blog.....was so so busy for working life now ='(
So I gonna write about birthday celebration for my a very best friend......Searching for few restaurant and in the end we decide for this "Miam Miam Japanese French Restaurant",because I had seen many good comment about it!And was craving with their dessert!

Sorry dearies that day was too rushing and forget to bring camera so I just take food photo by phone,but I strongly recommend this restaurant because their food is very delicous!!!! *Four Star*

If you got read my food post before you will know i will started with their environment picture first but i forget to take their environment picture ='( but what i can tell in words is their environment is pretty good,just abit noisy not like you think is romantic,suitable for gathering...And the service is Good too!!!^.^

So I start with food now,are you ready?^.^

Miam Miam Spagetti (RM26.80)
Ta....DAAAA.......This this strongly recommended....Is really special and tasty!!!!I still cannot forget the taste.....If you are spagetti lover you will definitely love this dishes....

 RiZ  Au Curry (RM26.80)
Nom....Nom....Nom....Another recommended dishes,I am not curry lover but I definitely like this!!!!So special and yummy!You got to try on it!

A meal without dessert is not consider a perfect meal!So girls,if you are dessert lover,can try on their dessert too,is very unique and delicious...^.^
♥French Toast (RM16.80)
Bread combine with egg,top up with full cream and honey,perfectly!=)

♥Matcha Souffle (RM16.80)
                     Very attractive right?!Well the taste is very matcha taste LOLLL and is very                                                                       soft!!!But for me quite sweet abit...

♥Caramelisd Bananas Pancake (RM19.80)
Craving for this,"HEAVENNN",the pancake is very soft,top up with banana perfect match!!!

Happy birthday to my dear...All the best and wish you dream come true
♥ Finally a picture of four of us

Notes:If you wanna try,please go before 9pm because their last call is 8.45pm....So to avoid disappointment=)

Miam Miam
146, Ground Floor, 1 Utama, Bandar Utama, Petaling Jaya.
Old Wing location


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