August 18, 2014

Beauty Review:ONL Saladit Essential Cucumber Sheet Mask ♥Sponsored♥

Hey all dearies,today I am going present ONL Saladit Essential Cucumber Sheet Mask which imported from Korea.Well,there are whole bruch of sheet mask but today I'm going to talk about the cucumber sheet mask effect.Cucumber sheet mask is from ONL and dedicated from vegetables and help to nourish and care for your skin.


Cucumber Juice Sheet Mask:
+ For Extremely dry skin.
+ Water bomb sheep mask
with rich moisturizing.
Instant hydrating by hyaluronic acid.
Calm down aroused dead skin cells.
Deep soothing and skin protection
This mask had a light cucumber-ish scent when I opened the sachet.
I'm sensitive skin type,usually I very be careful on choosing product,because if I applied wrong product will cause my skin more itchy and pimples,but when I applied this mask,honestly I felt it cooling down my pimples area and it was so refreshing!This mask contain hyaloronic acid which help to moisturize skin.

 Applied for 15min and DONE,I felt my skin refreshing and moisturizing....

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