August 7, 2014

I'am Kedah Girl: Relaxing Tea Time in Kampung @ Caffe Diem

Hey everyone,finally have some time to update my blog!Well dun even think Alor Setar is like a kampung place,now a bit progressive, I found quite a lot cafe here ,as you know I am food lover and I like to discover new place new things,now let me share with you where is the place^.^

The cafe is located in a very old street,which near Pekan Melayu .For overall the environment is quite comfortable compare with last cafe I been,HAHA....But dun compare with big city laaaa,at least is ok can have a relaxing tea time there =)

Located at old street @ Caffe Diem

At least you can see that they got put effort to decorate,not like simply one.....nice,warm,comfortable environment =)
Their signature cake,lemon poppy seed pound cake,make by lemon and the cake is soft,not so sweet and full with lemon taste,is quite sour actually... >.<
Charmomile Tea (RM6.90),I choose this which the staff say can sleep well at night....
Caffe Mocha (RM8.50)
Tea with lemon cake,perfect match for my tea time ^.^

That's all for today ,have a try if you come Alor Setar,a place quite nice to hang out =)


Caffe Diem
6, Jalan Penjara Lama, Pekan Cina, Alor Setar
Close on Wednesday


  1. After a very long and eventful history, traditional tea has now firmly established itself as one of the most popular drinks in the world