November 29, 2014

Japanese inspired Cafe @ 103 Coffee Workshop @ Sri Petaling

Hello dearies I am back lolll.......Well this month not really always blog cause was so so busy.....New coffee shop spotted!!!Accidentally found this new coffee shop when I go dye my hair!Well I tried on it and feel quite good so decided to write a blogpost about it =)

It was a japanese inspired cafe,103 Coffee Workshop which located at jalan radin bagus,the exterior really attractive,very simple and it look cozy....

For the environment part ,with ample of wooden elements and furniture of similar tone,soft yellow hue light to exude a warm and cozy environment,so you can very relax enjoy your lunch/dinner or coffee alone or having a chitchat session with friends,is really a nice place gather with friends....

But a fly in the ointment,normally I expect cafe will provide many dessert,as I found that day only had this cake =( Didn't have so much choices,I not sure isn't not the timing or they haven't come out with others cake yet =(

Teriyaki Chicken Don RM14.90
Well well coming the food part,the food actually doesn't disappoint me,love the combination chicken teriyaki with seaweed and sided with running soft spring egg,but just the rice too hard to chew,i think they put too less water to cook the rice...  

Salmon Tobikko Don (rm18.90)
I am salmon loverrrr,so yummy,doesn't over cooked and the taste so nice,combination with tobikko and seaweed,just the rice is a fly in the ointment,too hard laaaa.....

103 Chocolate Mocha (RM10.00)
Chocolate and nutty notes are the focus of this blend.Coffee is prepared using 103 Coffee Workshop house blend – 40% of Brazil Mogiana + 40% of Colombia Inza +20% of Guatamale Antigua blended by ‘M’ Espresso Sporting Club Coffee Roaster. 

Done for the food post.....having quite nice dinner,little disappointment of the rice and also didn't have so much dessert to choose,hope they will improve in future,yet still so enjoying too ya,so can suggest had a try on it tooooo =)

That's all for today,XOXO Lovessss 

103 Coffee Workshop 103工房
No.103, Jalan Radin Bagus,
57000 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
Business Hours: 11:00am – 11:00pm
Contact: 03-9054 5512

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