December 6, 2014

Lazada's IN-HOUSE,Fashion Lable LZD launch @Tanzini Restaurant

Sorry for the long late post!I'm here to bring an exciting news to you all!Congratulation to Lazada officially launch their own in-house label "LZD" on 20 November 2014 at Tanzini,G Towel Hotel.
Shopaholics across the region now have an exciting new portal to get their fix. Online shopping mall Lazada is blazing new trails with a refreshed fashion section, giving shoppers in Southeast Asia access to previously-unavailable high street fashion brands from the UK. Some of these brands include Rock and Religion, Dead Lovers, and Neon Rose.

What is Lazada Fashion about? Well,Lazada fashion offers clothes,shoes,bags and accessories on all Lazada's local sites which is in Indonesia,Malaysia,Philippines,Singapore,Thailand and vietnam,taking the consumer in Southeast Asia to the next level of International and local fashion offering and accessibility.

The curated collection includes top international brands, trend-led local brands as well as their in-house designed private label, LZD. Fit to flatter the Asian body type with fabrication to suit Southeast Asia’s seasonality, Lazada Fashion offers consumers aspirational trend-led fashion for every occasion that suits all budgets.

Lazada Fashion is part of the Lazada Group which also includes the C2C platform, Lamido.

Finish the introduction,let's see what I had on the event =)Excited Right?!!!

"LZD" by Lazada launch at Tanzini,G Towel Hotel

These are some picks of LZD dresses,tops and bottom !And these are all available for us to try on!

I wanna bring them all home!!!Those lovely sneakers and high heels.......

See those lovely heelssss!!!And the gold sneaker 

Lazada Creative Director, Anne-Marie Bodal

Too much to choose,don't know how to choose which style is suit you?Nevermind,Stylist Naima will assist you =)

Lazada Fashion Stylist Naima and designers Eleanora and Elizabeth take the fashion press through the LZD collection.

Can't stop picking!First time to try different style,so guess which one I choose?Hehe...

This maybe?>.<

Pretty blogger +Tenshi Chn 

First pick!Trying something new,cool style,but seem this style does not suited me so well=( And here I'm so surprised when I wear the clothes on,was so comfortable!And I love the gold sneaker!I got a pair same with this but mine. I actually bought online,the quality was so disappointing and will hurt my feet,so I rarely wear it.......

With pretty blogger Tenshinchn,this is my second pick!Dinner dress look!
I feel this style more suit me lol,like the color matching,a lightweight purple, pink and yellow fabric because I usually wear Black and White!HAHAHA!So how do you think for this style?=)

Ok,now come about the price,you all will think when the quality is good and come with high price right?I would like to tell you those item is really affordable lol!Don't believe?Let's see their website=) 

These all are some picks that I print screen from the website Lazada Malaysia,can you see how crazy the prices are?!

And for the gold gold sneaker,you gonna be crazy for the price!!!

Only RM73.00 for now,oh ya,they got sales for now!Go grab it before sold out lol.....

Malaysia's Hottest Bloggers with LZD creative director Anne-Marie =)

Founder&Managing Director +Tim Chew  with Malaysia's Hottest Bloggers

Thank you Lazada prepare some food and sweet treats for us 

Lastly,fashion guests with fabulous Lazada fashion team,group pic =)

That's all for today,have amazing night with Lazada,thank you for having us 

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  1. Yes! Love the clothes by this new label especially the sneakers!

    Btw, babe u look gorgeous in them!

    1. yalor!love the sneakers too.....nice to meet you babe <3

  2. wow lazada so big that can do fashion show? cool!


    1. haha is not fashion show,is they come out with in house label-LZD,their own brand^^