November 16, 2013

First time ♥ Fashion Show # KL Fashionweek

Hi all,since quite long time i din update my blog dy.....='( Because i was busy with my exam.....Well as you can see my title,YAYYYY!!!Is about fashion week,my bestie Karen get invitation from Miss Shelfridge to attend fashion show,so she ask me whether want to go with her,so is quite excited cause this is my very first time to attend such event!!!TQ babe asking me along......muackkksss.....♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

Venue : KLCC Esplanade

Time    : 8.30pm

This fashion show is about the new collection of Miss Shelfridge and Dorothy Perkins,is very good experience because is my first time to see model wear those new collection and cat walk......Usually i see some kind of show in TV.....>.< Hope got next time can go again such event.....^.^

♥ Selca before show start ♥

♥ The stage ♥ Is quite surpirse they arrange us sit in front....HAHAHA (Siok sendiri=.=,ok laaaa,is our first time ma,is like that one....>.<) ♥

♥Dorothy Perkins New Collection ♥
♥ Show start!Those model is really tall,new collection of DP ♥

This is the video for Dorothy Perkins New Collection =)

♥ Miss Shelfridge New Collection ♥

Hmmm for my opinion right,DP mostly forcus on office lady (OL),because their clothes quite mature and myself more prefer Miss Shelfridge because their collection look more younger and ladies ♥Is very good experience i can see real show,tq my besties again bringing me out and we all really enjoy that night ♥♥♥♥♥

Top: H&M
Bottom: H&M
Coat : Miss Shelfridge
Shoes : Zara

♥ That's all for today,hope you all enjoy the post ♥



  1. Love your outfit oh. Hehehe :D


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