November 22, 2013

♥ Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Review # Part 1 ♥

Is been a month that i use Samsung Galaxy Note 3,I only can say one word on it: Satisfied! Compare to last phone that i use,this phone really help me a lot in my daily life,blogging,record,take picture,check mail and etc.....I know this is basic function of smartphone,but the special of this phone is it Stylus S-Pen!But about the fuction of S pen i would like to put in the next part of post=)))

If you always surfing internet,i would like to suggest you better sign plan....Because I compare with either sign plan or not,sign plan is much cheaper to get the phone,the retail price is RM2399 in Samsung Store,maybe outside sell RM2199 (the most cheaper price that i ask if didn't sign plan),so I choose to sign plan,and the end i choose Celcom although Digi is much cheaper among Celcom and Maxis,but the line......hahaha....If compare Maxis and Celcom,Maxis is much stable but Celcom also not bad,plus Celcom is cheaper if compare to Maxis...

The phone price is RM1588,and advance payment RM700,so total i need to pay is RM2288 for the first time,and RM700 they will deduct in every month bill....The phone bill i need pay for every month is RM88 for 5GB internet and 60 minute free phone call,the contract is 2 years.....

So,now let's talk about the phone,I in love with the screen. The 5.7'' inch of the screen size is not too big and not too small for me,the slimmer horizontal screen bezels is actually same size with Samsung Galaxy Note too. Is comfort to hold it.....But this phone need to use both hands to perform the function....
The 1,920 x 1,080 resolution Full HD Super AMOLED display is stunning!With intense brightness ,vibrant colors and fantastic contrast.  

The Note 3 camera is 13MP rear snapper is impressive!And the video camera is good enough as it is Full HD with playback and recording.... The camera manage to had good shot with average light and in brighter lighter condition.Additional the video camera can shoots in 4K resolution.....

After I had using for one month,Note 3 had incredible longevity,huge 3,200 mAh battery can stand up whole day which I keep surting internet,playing games and watch video. Besides,the phone charging very fast with using USB 3 ports.

The internal storage of mine phone is 32GB,but got 64GB version.For Note 3,Samsung doesn't have 16GB model.More bigger GB means you won't run out of space quickly. Plus there are a microSD card slot so you can put more things like apps,games and picture in your SD card,and more better if you use SD card to store your things so your phone won't get lag!

For the next post i will write about the amazing Stylus S-Pen which can perform many function=)

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♥ TQ for reading,hope you all like it ♥