November 27, 2013

♥ Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Review # Part 2 ♥

Hi everyone,i gonna update my Samsung Note 3 Part 2 now!!!So excited!!But hmmm hope you guys forgive if i got say anythings wrong =)Tq!♥

Well,today i gonna write about the Stylus S-Pen function,as i wrote for last time in part 1,Samsung Galaxy Note 3 the most attractive part is the Stylus S-Pen,actually i just find out not so much of the function but i still wanna share with you all,is very convenient in daily life ♥

#1 Pen Window

First I will show how this function work....and this function is actually like multi window,when you use this function,you can actually open many apps,ex.when you watching youtube,and you got whatapps msg,you can use this function to open your whatapps while watch your youtube....Is convenient right?you no need to stop your video to see your msg....HAHAHA!

Ok,let see how its work....=)

First,when you take out your stylus S-Pen,it will come out the air-command

Here is mine stylus S-pen =)

Choose the pen window 

Then draw a circle 

Will come out with this!Choose what apps you want to open

I open phone call,and after that open another apps,same in first step,choose pen window

Draw a shape =)

This time i open calculator

If you don't want use it,you actually can minimize it,become the icon above=)

So easy right?!Try it with your phone=)

#2 Action Memo
This function is very very very useful!!Why i say so?because this function is actually the faster way for you to find the things you want.....

Click on the action memo

This is pen color,the second icon is eraser

Let say now i talking in the phone with you,and ask you what is kelly number and i wanna to save it,this action memo can help you easily save people number....

After done write,go to third icon,link to action

Can you see there a roll of icon under there?

Click on second icon

Then will auto link to the action you want=)

Here i stop first,next will post up the photo taken by Samsung Galaxy Note 3
(Actually i wanna post on this post but i still not get done prepare yet....>.<)

= Tq for reading =


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