January 4, 2014

First post of 2014 ♥ New Year Resolution ♥

Hi dearies,being pending so long for this post,actually gonna blog on the first day of 2014,but so busy with some stuff and now totally got time to sit down and blog it!Well,time flies!And now grow older already=(((

Actually how old are you is not important,the most important things is your mind thinking!So dun bother about the age,just enjoy the life or fight for the life you want....

2013 is over,and i almost want graduate already,because I'm still waiting for my result,quite waste time actually,HAHA!In 2013,what I had did is I had gain a lot of knowledge about how to social with others,actually I still very weak in this area,and sorry for those that i had hurt you....And thx the those who stay beside me whatever happen especially my boyfriend,we met at 2012 and we have together through 2013,tq for always take care of me because i am a careless person.Beside,I also start my blog life in 2013,blogging life is interesting if you know how to enjoy it,I enjoy sharing some new things some nice food to my friends or all of you,and this year I gonna start for beauty post and I will try on few beauty product which suitable for sensitive face like me,hope can help the others such sensitive face like me too....=)

If i could pass my exam,then I officially graduate and I can find job,so no need my mum to support me in financial anymore and she can go do the things she like,so hopefully i can pass and find a job then I support them back....=)Tq my daddy mummy always support me in past 22 years,is not easy to raise a child.....

Besides,I hope can faster earn more and more money to bring them travel around....This always my big wishes because they use the time they had to earn money for me and my sister.....Lastly,I hope can put down my weight until 45kg,that's what my new year resolution.

So,what is your new year resolution?=)

=XoXo Loves=


  1. Same big wishes with me! :D Earn money soon and to bring parents travel around is awesome, we really have to put much effort on it!!
    Anyway, you are not fat :3


    1. HAHA i just see your comment Ellysee,jiayou together ya^^picture always not real >.<