December 25, 2013

Merry Christmas ♥ OOTD ♥ Okuchi Japanese Cuisine (大口日本料理) @ Kota Damansara

Hello everyone!How are you all celebrate today?Merry Christmas!!!!This is my favorite festival ever =) But i not celebrate with my friends or family the reason one is many of my friends busy with work or travelling with family and second reason is i not beside my family =(

But it still a joyful day thx to my baby love to accompany me whole morning,bring me nice meal and walk around,although simple but I am so happy....=)So now I am going to share what I had for my meal today....

Because of holiday and all around kl area and PJ some shopping mall are jam like hell!!!!At beginning we plan to go pavilion but my friend text me that there are so jam and no place parking!So in the end we change place to Kota Damansara to just had simple meal!

Although is holiday but quite a lot of restaurant/cafe still operate,so in the end we choose "Okuchi Japanese Restaurant" because i searching around blog this seem not bad!So we had a try on it!

Is located at Kota Damansara =)

= Outside is smoking area =
= Inside got air-condition=The place is actually quite small but is comfortable...

= To tie in with the festival,there are small Christmas tree inside the restaurant^.^= 

=Here's come the menu=

=Green tea is FREE and FREEFLOW=

=Baby love♥=

=Picture time while waiting our food serve=

=Too ss,HAHAHA=

=Finally food serve,here comes my soft shell crab (RM11)
I got to say this is must try when you come to this restaurant!!!!Is really nice and the soft shell crab is fresh!!!=

=Chicken teriyaki don(RM18),hmmm for this is okok la,normal,maybe is too wet so make the chicken become supple dy=

=Salmon teppanyaki (RM27+),I love the salmon but not the sauce,normal taste ler,but the salmon is fresh!!!^.^=

For the overall,the sushi is very nice,maybe they more focus on making sushi,so we will try only sushi on next time,the main course is normal normal only (My opinion),but they all use very fresh material,and the service is good!

And here my outfit post....

Top from Padini
High Waist jegging from Forever 21
Shoes from online

And last the most picture I like ,Merry Christmas everyone 


 Okuchi Japanese Cuisine (大口日本料理)
 36-1, Jalan PJU 5/9, Dataran Sunway, Kota Damansara, PJ 
Tel: +603-61408336


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