December 20, 2017

Dr. Wu x SaSa Beauty Workshop @ Isetan Lot 10

Have you heard about Dr.Wu? I can confirm that most of you heard about this brand before. Dr. Wu, touted as Taiwan's No.1 Clinical Skincare, founded back in 2003 by Dr. Ying-Chin Wu, a dermatologist with 40 years experience and recognized as "The Father of Comestic Medicine and Biotechnology" in Taiwan.

The best part being as a beauty blogger is the amazing opportunity given to me to discover new brands and products. Thanks to SaSa Malaysia, I get to join the exclusive Dr.Wu x SaSa Malaysia Beauty Workshop to discover more about this brand. The features of this products are all Alcohol Free, MI/MCI/Paraben Fee, Artificial Color Free and Fragrance Free. This is why this brand can become so famous in Asian country especially become the leader of medical skincare brand in Taiwan!

Leading Medical Skincare brand - Taiwan's No. 1 Medical Skincare

Dr.Wu products is a line of highly effective skincare products developed based on doctor's prescription with advanced patented technologies to target various Asian skin problems. Just now I did mention that Dr. Wu products are all Alcohol Free, MI/MCI/Paraben Fee, Artificial Color Free and Fragrance Free which to ensure that it safe to be used for consumers. Dr.Wu philosophy is to "Create perfect skin though simple yet effective way". They believe in partnership between innovation and science to bring about non-surgical solutions in enhancing one's beauty and wellness.

So, let's start the beauty workshop, brings by Dr.Wu and SaSa Malaysia! ♥

One of the star products - Dr.Wu Hyalucomplex Hydrating System, 5th Generation with Hydrating System 玻尿酸保湿系列

Dr.Wu Top 1 best seller range skincare, Hyalucomplex Hydration System, until today comes to the 5th generation, formulated with enhanced hydration, designed for dry and dehydrated skin, powerfully locking in moisture to hydrate, refine and energize the skin, ensure that complete restoration after procedures and infuses intense hydration, leaving the skin feeling soft and appear moist all day.

During the workshop , the beauty consultant did a test on Bowie skin to test out the level of hydration, as you can see her moisture level went up from 93% to 100% after apply the serum! I am so impressed with the outcome!

 Dr.Wu ⭐ product #1 - Intensive Hydrating Serum

There are two type of Intensive Hydrating Serum- Intensive Hydrating Serum with Hyaluronic Acid and Intensive Hydrating Serum with Hyaluronic Acid (Light). If you skin is very dry type, you are suitable to use the normal type one. The texture will be a bit heavy compare with the light type. If you are oily skin, don't worry you still suitable use this serum as Dr.Wu skincare product is suitable for all type skin. The different between this two type is the texture, for the light type, the serum is lightweight and it absorb quickly into the skin.

Some people might ask, I am oily skin am I suitable use hydration range? Yes! One of the best part of this product is it will helps to locking in moisture to hydrate. It provides long-term hydrating.

Benefits : 

- Provides long-term hydrating.

- Continuous application can reduce fine lines, wrinkles, blemish, loss of elasticity and improve dull skin tone. 
 Dr.Wu ⭐ product #2 - Extreme Hydrate Bio Cellulose Mask with Hyaluronic Acid

Another best seller of its range, this is the new generation bio-cellulose mask which made of natural nano-fibers formed by fermented microbes. It is only 0.3mm, lighted and thinner!

Benefits : 

- It's contains 5th generation HyaluComplex in its 28ml essence, creates hydration and moisture all through skin layers.

- Contains Active Yeast Extract and Edelweiss Extract, which helps to lighten up your skin, improve dull skin tone and prevent spots and pigmentation.

Dr.Wu MA3PEEL Renewal System 杏仁酸焕肤系列

When I heard about this series is actually contain acid, I was so shocked! It will definitely harsh on the skin and stinging sensation when applied on acne. Introducing Dr.Wu Ma3peel Mandelic Renewal System, a daily gentle renewal and skincare, specially designed to target crude skin, acne and whitehead, and dull skin. Mandelic Acid is a mild and multi-functional alpha-hydroxy acid (AHA) which is extracted from bitter almond.

By using products from this range daily, dull skin will transform into flawless, radiant and beautiful skin. Ma3Peel Renewal Technology is effective to activate the five-segment cell regeneration cycle which you can see clearly as per chart below:

  • Exfoliate dead skin cells
  • Boosting metabolism
  • Accelerate separation of Stratum Corneum Cells
  • Revitalize and regenerate
  • Restructure and repair

 Dr.Wu ⭐ product #3 - Dr.Wu Intensive Renewal Serum with 18% of Mandelic Acid

There are 2 types of Serum from this range : Daily Renewal Serum with Mandelic Acid and Intensive Renewal Serum with 18% of Mandelic Acid. 

Daily Renewal Serum with Mandelic Acid - suitable for dry skin

Benefits : 

- Gentle formula of three complex acids, perfectly combining the properties of Mandelic Acid, Salicylic Acid and Pyruvic Acid, the power of one drop essence for the top three skin renewal effects (stratum corneum metabolism, pore cleansing and full brightening).

 Addition of hydration and soothing ingredients lessens skin dryness, flaking, redness and swelling after renewal treatment, and gives the skin a boost of hydration and glowing radiance at the same time.

Intensive Renewal Serum with 18% of Mandelic Acid - suitable for neutral or oily skin.

Benefits : 

- Contain same ingredients but offering addition of 18% high concentration of three complex acids.

 Dr.Wu Mineral Makeup Series - DD Cushion SPF50+ PA+++

Moving forward to the next best seller of Dr.Wu products, Dr.Wu DD Cushion. After the success of DD cream, Dr. Wu came up with the first medical grade DD cushion with the highest concentrate contains of over 17 plant extracts!

Dr.Wu DD Cushion innovative Airpack air cushion technology gives your makeup a perfect natural finish and long lasting feel with the million-pore X-smart 3-layer sponge puff applicator. What I can say about this product is A MUST TO HAVE IN MY LIST!

There are 3 types of Dr. Wu DD Cushion :

1) Extreme Hydrate (Blue Compact)

Suitable for : All skin type / Dry Skin (For moisturizing makeup effect)

Shade : Ivory 

Coverage : 3/5

2) Oil Control Mattify (Green Compact)

Suitable for : Oily & Combination skin / Acne-prone skin (Long-lasting matte makeup effect)

Shade :Light Beige

Coverage : 4/5

3) Perfect Cover (PinkCompact)

Suitable for : All skin type (Firming Velvet makeup effect)

Shade :Natural Beige

Coverage : 5/5

I did try on the Perfect Cover, what I found about this product is it show good coverage when I apply on my skin (I have pore and acne), it perfectly cover my pores and it not cakey!

The best part of this DD Cushion is it can be used after cosmetic surgery because it providing a high level of care to the skin, its also comes with SPF50+/PA+++. 

Here's the tips on how to use Dr.Wu DD Cushion wisely : 

Gently press the smart puff into the air cushion 2-3 times, and then apply lightly to entire face.

- Do not overload the applicator with makeup. Instead, follow the principle of “apply little and      often”.  For the best effect, do not push or press down too hard when applying.

- For acne scars and spots, repeat light application to improve the concealing effect.

- PERFECT COVER DD CUSHION has the best concealing power among all; light application of    once or twice will be sufficient.

- For highly visible spots and blemishes, it is recommended to use concealer before applying DD cushion in order to achieve natural-looking, blemish-free skin.

Of all the three variant, I prefer the Perfect Cover DD Cushion!It covers my pores nicely without looking too cakey. And I found out that this DD cushion can long lasting as my makeup still look perfectly throughout the day. 

I had learned a lot in this workshop. And now I know how to take good care of my skin to prevent aging. Thanks again for the invite I believe that this post will be benefit for you all too!!!

For more information, please visit Dr.Wu Malaysia Facebook Page  and Dr.Wu Website.

Now you can get Dr.Wu product range at all Sasa Malaysia outlet nationwide. P/S: Dr.Wu DD Cushion only available at SaSa Malaysia stores nationwide.

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