December 20, 2013

Lunchie with dearies ♥ Three little pigs and The big bad wolf

Happy outing with dearies last last week,we really enjoy that day,tq for the treat my dear.....♥ haha sorry for late update because i was busying with exam last week!Finally can try the Three little pigs and The big bad wolf breakie because my friend keep saying their breakie quite good and i also always see a lot of blog about it=)

You really cannot imagine how to enter to the restaurant!!!Is inside Village Grocer!Me and ma friend keep finding the way to enter and asking twice to the reception,finally we found it and we was LOLLLL so small the signboard and you need to keep your eyes peeled!

Three little pigs and the big bad wolf,as you can see the name know is non-halal dy!LALALALLLAA..........

♥ Love this part of the restaurant,very got feel leh!!! ♥

The place is too narrow to walk.....but the overall environment is good=)

Dessert anyone?! ♥

♥ My pretty dear ♥
Failed wink ~.~ ♥

Failed wink again ~.~♥HAHAHA!!!

First come is the big breakfast "I'm so hungry I could Eat a wolf" (RM28.00)
YAYYY is so big portion enough for two of us,the mushroom is juicy and the pork is so nice,recommend breakie!♥♥♥

The second comes is Mighty Piggy Burger (RM28.00),this we two not really like because the pork got some weird taste!!!Love their fries hahaha!!!

 Pretty dear ♥


Three Little Pigs and the Big Bad Wolf
Lot G1A, Ground Floor,
Bangsar Village,
No. 1, Jalan Telawi Satu,
Bangsar Baru, 59100 KL.
(behind Jaya Grocer, outside open air carpark) 
Business Hours: 9am till 11pm (daily)
= Overall the service is ok,but is quite pricey if have a bruch at there,and my friends say their spagetti is quite good will try next time,but the pork burger got so weird taste we not really like it=( Environment is comfortable so you all can try next time maybe for gathering or celebrate some festival=) =
= That's all for today =


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