December 24, 2013

♥ A very good experience ever : Start blogging with Server Freak ♥

Hi dearies and peeps,
How was the weekend so far? Hope all is well..

Today has been a great day and here I would like to share one of my experience attending a high tea event with Server Freak!  I was indeed very honoured to be invited to the English high tea event which was organized by The Butterfly Project on how to kick start a blog!!!! It would be great if you guys were there the other day but it is alright for those who were not there, here I would explain slowly regarding the sharing done on that day=))

= Server Freak =

Do you know what is Server Freak??? Let me introduce briefly regarding the Server Freak background.As known, Server Freak is a firm specialized in providing web hosting solution for different range of purposes from corporate website,database,email solution to a personal blog for blogger like me.

Guess for most of us who are not a tech savvy would have the difficulties in looking for a good provider of web host solutions including me who is a very fresh user for personal blog. I guess attending this event has really provided me a clearer view of support and features provided by the Server Freak. I would say that the company is trustworthy and it is able to provide affordable yet user-friendly hosting solutions to us. This is of course not just my own point of view but their effective and fast services are supported by the user’s testimonials and the award achieved!

It has been a real headache for us blogger when we first started blogging from the layout design to the content! Now we can leave the worries of setting up the blog to Server Freak while we just concentrate on writing our content! Isn’t this sound like a great offer?? 

Now let us look into what you need to start a blog? Guess this would be very new for those who are not a blogger. We needed three main things as show in the pictures below to start a blog as well as all the steps to set up our wordpress blog:

I guess all of us faced this issue of blogging time get delayed due to the set-up has been taking up too long.. (Suprisingly, some of us just gave up on blogging as it is too time consuming)

No worries for now as Server Freak are here to help us out!Leave your worries to them.How could Server Freak help us then?? Here is when we would be introduced to the Word Press Easy Set Up Package provided by them.. A package that may work a wonder for us where we just have to concentrate on our writing while the rest of the setting we could leave it them. The package offered was great where it included of free domain name for your wordpress blog,  free a template of fully setup with basic widgets and there is 24/7 Technical Assistance!!

What Other Service they offer?
So what service they offer?
Actually they offer four service which are:
= Domain name registration =
= Site Lock =
= Web Development =
= VPN =

If you guys would like to know more of the range of services provided by the company,you may click on the links :

I love the part of the sharing where it says that designing a logo or header is very important for a blogger as it represent US!! I guess they were right,, header is the indeed the main things all of us would look first before we read the content! Thus, if you want to attract people to read your blog, you need to have an attractive header to start of the blog for sure! Well I guess with the guidance provided by the Server Freak, creating a blog which suits us would be at the tip of your fingers!! : D.. So what are you waiting for!! I would strongly recommend you to go for Server Freak package now.

Why Server Freak?
Here is the advantages to choose them,why choose server freak?For my view they really reply fast and the price is reasonable,and now i no need to headache how to change my header or design my blog because i really sucks in HTML code and Server Freak help me a lots!

Server Freak Price
Ok,so now come the parts that would many people like to know,how much it costs?

For the price is :For First Year you need pay RM298 and for next years onward you just need to pay renewal fees which is RM198 per year,is worth right?! =)

There is a review regarding Server Freak which I think has a well explanation of the different plans which offered by the company for different types of websites and different users.

Good day to all of you and I hope this tips would help those who would like to start their own personal blog!

For More Information

That's all about blogging tips that i gain on that event,hope really can help you all about how to kick start a blog by reading this sharing,and beside sharing about Server Freak,and now i would like to write about the English High Tea Event ^^

The cake for The Butterfly Project Malaysia to celebrate their website officially launch!So nice !!!!

=Chicken Pie=

Hotdog puff

Yummy cakes and pastries,tummy is satisfying!Yumm yumm....

Thank you Ask Joey-The Sweetest Party for the so lovely goodies,definitely love the English High Tea theme!

♥ Nice Pastries nice cake is what i had for the tea session 
Awww,too English Feel!♥Flora tea cup to match the theme

♥Having my English Tea...HEHE!Doesn't got English Feel?><

♥ And....and....and....very honor to have a chance celebrate The Butterfly Project Malaysia's Official Website launch! ♥ (Sorry for the blur picture >.<)

*For your information,their website is done by Serverfreak!So check it how their done amazing work on The Butterfly Project website and you will know how they are reliable to help you design your blog^.^*

This is event venue which is in SHOW.CASE,is facing with a big lake,the place is quite and very relaxing=)

Printed picture from ,my first time play with the photo booth,and it was so niceeeee!Tq again =)

♥ Lovely Props preparing by 

♥ I am blogger to blog so much 

♥ Pretty babe Karen 

♥ With Kerchi 

♥ With Keryi 

♥ Meet new friend Iqa Yana 

♥ With babe Karen 

♥ Four of us 

And ... and .... and.....

♥ luckyyyy can get lucky draw!!!Awwww....

Lastly,post up the photo i like the most,HEHE,really enjoy the day,TQ again The Butterfly Project giving me a chance to join the such nice event,I learn alot about how to start my blog,meet some new friends and have fun in the event!

The most important is thank you all the sponsors,tq for make the event more successful!


Ask Joey - The Sweetest Party


SHOW.CASE Event Space
Facebook: SHOW.CASE

and lastly, the main organizer

The Butterfly Project Malaysia

= That's all for today =
=Hope you all enjoy the post =




  1. My dear...can I take our pic...just for my saving♥♥ hope to meet you again;)

    1. Sure dear...doesnt a problem♡♡♡ nice to meet you and hope to see you again♡♡♡

    2. Sure dear...doesnt a problem♡♡♡ nice to meet you and hope to see you again♡♡♡

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