December 3, 2013

♥ OOTD of pre birthday celebration night ♥

Seem quite long time I din't update for OOTD (Outfit of the day) post dy....HAHAHA,because i am that kind of very very very lazy to dress up and is a trouble while thinking what to wear,what to match....I think this is a trouble of every girls....

Firstly,you need to know what style match you more,for me i not suitable for dress!!!(My boyfie told me that),but......most my clothes inside ward-board are dress!!!!This really WTF lollllll.....I love to buy dress but every time i was like thinking to wear it out and my boyfie start scold me....because my stomach to my butt quite big and wear one piece will see very fat effect!!!So I start wear two piece,top and bottom as you can see all my previous OOTD almost are top and bottom!.....

Today I wearring jumpsuit with a shirt inside....And you can match with off shoulder top too but i only match with normal T-shirt.....And this make me not so fat and comfortable!!!I match with birkenstock and it seem so casual style,it you wanna look sporty can match with a pair of wedges too!!!

= Jumpsuit from TheMoMent
= T-shirt from Mango =
= Shoes from Birkenstock =

You can easily match with this jumpsuit,make you more casual,can go for shopping or outing with friends.....

=That's all for today=


  1. Cute outfit! Simple but comfy, love the shoes too :)