October 2, 2013

= About online shopping =

Sometime i quite prefer online shopping rather than shop in mall,because i can get some special item from different online shop,but there also some risk when you do online shopping......

Once i done choose my item,i sure will make payment,and very excited to get my parcel in two days.Well,most of the parcel i get and very satisfied with it,but today i get my parcel and i so disappointed because i buy a skirt,but comes a pants,not a skirt,just look like skirt!!!

I was very angry and so dissapointed because the description of the picture stated that it is a skirt,not a pants,so i ask the owner of the page,she say that it is a pants not a skirt,but why when i ask isn't a skirt and you say yes?Hey pls la,,be honest to your customer!No more next time to buy stuff from you again....

And one times i bought a shoes from a website too,their stated "sure will get parcel within 10 days,the most faster service you can't get in Malaysia".... Well,guess,how many days i been wait?It was near a month to get that shoes!!!And in the end when i receive,i was very disappointed with the quality,even also i can get in night market!!!

If you really can't provide such fast services,then dun just promise,because customer will get disappointed in the end,they expected to receive their parcel within those days,so if you can't make it,why you wan promise?!And also,the description is very important too!Description must same with the item that you post,dun misleading those customers.....

For those that i really satisfied with the item which i always bought from some famous blogger because is really quality assured....=)

One of the top that i bought from famous blogger Chanwon,is really got quality=)

*I didn't mention which one online shop that had those services for that,it is just some of my experience when i shop online*

= Thats all for today =
= Just sharing some feeling for online shopping =


  1. True indeed! Online is always fun when you get nice quality goods from them! :)