October 25, 2013

♥Tangle Teezer ♥ Review♥

Hi dearies,is me!!!Wow being so busy prepare for my mid term,finally got time to write blog!!!So how was your whole week,is Friday!!!I'm sure a lot of people having going to party tonight!!!Because is T.G.I.F....HAHAHA.....Well,what am i blog for today?Hmmmm........is very famous Tangle Teezer....I'm sure alot of you had heard before right?!But what is Tangle Teezer?ok,let me explain at here......=)

The Tangle Teezer is actually a comb which help to solve knotty hair.The comb bristles are soft and flexible that now can heal those normally painful task of combing after washing or swimming.This comb also can enhances the shines in your hair ....

As a girl,I am this problem as well!Is quite annoying because everytime when i am hanging outdoor for the whole day,my hair start tangle and those ordinary comb can't solve this problem......And sometimes after swimming, I can feel my hair also started tangle!

After that,my friend had recommended this Tangle Teezer and asked me to try. This comb brought so much surprise to me as it really does a great job and what i would comment about it are Tangle Teezer is so helpful in solving hair problem and it is really amazing!

After a hair wash,before i blow my hair,I will use tangle teezer to comb my hair.It does not cause a problem in combing my hair anymore. Apparently my hair become smoother than before!Don't it is amazing?!=)

The step using comb can help make your hair smoother and shine!
 After you wash your hair,comb it before you blow your hair. After that,blow it and comb again,you will found that your hair become smoother than before!Try it now=)

= My Tangle Teezer,is quite small actually,so easy to put inside the bag! =

= After using the comb,my hair so shine and smooth =
= I gonna say is really magical comb!=) = 

In love with my magical comb 

= After blow hair,comb it,then time to go out =

Well,that's all for today,hope you all enjoy it 



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