October 16, 2013

♥ Milk and Butter @ Bangsar

If you no idea what dessert to have after meal,i strongly recommend this restaurant to you all!!!!

I always like to search arround,looking others blog to get more nice food....But some blog they say wow,this restaurant is nice and definitely come back again,but after i went to those they "Highly recommend" restaurant,i feel disappointed!Is not actually that nice and some more worst too!!!{Okayyyyy maybe different people different taste)

Since my friends all recommend me this restaurant,Milk and butter,so i had a try on it=) I had to said that i fall in love on their dessert!!!(Later i will say more about on it!HAHA) For the environment, is nice,clean and warm,i think gals will like on it because the light suitable for selca LOLLLOL......And service is quite good and fast too=) 


Let see the picture =)

(right next to devi,opposite to yeast)

Craving for this,the dessert got buy one free one!!!Is very good treat!!!Just check in on their place and upload the dessert photo,that's it!!!

Outside view =)

inside view=)

Are you ready for food?!! 

Ice Blendded Cappucino RM11.00
(Nothing special,just a normal ice blendded cappucino,if you are coffee lover,check out more on my previous post,Coffea Coffee)

Spaghetti Bolognaise RM20.00
Hmmm,not really nice taste,normal spaghetti can get anywhere.......Sorry for criticize on it because is nothing special on it and can get everywhere....=)

Turkey Ham and Chicken Ham Pizza RM20.00
I gotta say,i love their pizza topping,not their bread,because their bread is very thick!!!But if they match with thin bread it would be perfect!!!If you love thick pizza,i would recommend you on this dishes,and this dishes enough for 3 person if you are small eaters,the topping full of Cheeseeeeeee,turkey and chicken ham!!!Totally love their TOPPING.....HAHAHA

Can you see how cheesy are them!!!Try on it!!!

Dessert time 

They got two signature dessert....Let see the picture =)

♥ Vanilla Creme Brulee RM16.00 ♥ (Their signature)
You must try it!!!Must try on it!!!Is really good taste,but for those not really like on sweetness,dun try because is quite sweetness,yet still need to recommend to you all!!!
(Go try now got buy one free one,so for this dessert we no need to pay for this....HAHAAH=) )

♥ Warm Chocolate Cake RM17.00 ♥ (Their signature)
If you dun like cream brulee,nevermind,but this!!!You really had to try it!!!The cake inside is warm chocolate,matching with sweet banana and cookies,OMG craving on this laaa.....>< Is must try dessert =) 

The dessert is reall JENG (Cantonese,meaning is good taste!)But for the food is quite normal,is depends on la,different people different taste,so if you are dessert lover,you gonna try on this!

HAHA,Lastly introduce my food friend,MR Tat >.< (Hope he won't kill me when he saw this blog)

=That's all for today=
=Hope you all like it=

♥ XOXO,Loves 

Milk and Butter
25G Jalan Telawi 2 Bangsar 59100 KL Malaysia 
03-2201 9869 
Open: Monday-Friday 10am-11pm, 
Saturday-Sunday 8am-11pm 
Pork free