October 28, 2013

Japanese Restaurant ♥ Edo Ichi ♥ Publika

Hi dearies,had you eat your dinner?I think everyday the most annoying things is what to eat in my lunch and what to eat in my dinner....Yes,I totally also got that problem too!!!Because i love to try new things so that i can sharing to my friends and my readers.....But like sometimes when you alone,you just simply eat,as long as can fill your hungry....Same as me too!I always eat alone cause all my friends already move quite far from me and my family not around too ='( 

But,in weekend,i will treat myself at least one good meal!Nice food can cheer up people....Don't you all agree with that?!HAHAHA.......So every weekend,i make a promise to myself,don't be lazy and go get nice meal!And always try in new food so that i can intro to my readers and friends too....=)Is quite fun every weekend you have an objective to do,and the most fun things is you have a food hunter friends!Well,I can say I have three.....HEHE......♥ 

Well,at here,I really need to thx them because they always fetch me around to HUNT Food=)

Today i gonna intro you all a very special Japanese Restaurant,Edo Ichi which located at publika,the place quite far off and if you didn't look properly,you might miss the restaurant....But the most surprising us is,although the place is remote,yet still FULLHOUSE...We arrive that restaurant around like 8.30pm but you can't imagine still a lot of people.....So me and my friend wait around 15min-20min.....


They also served set lunch and dinner=)

While waiting,sit like a boss......

= The corridor =

= Very special light decoration =

= Small aquarium,spot nemo =

= Sushi Bar =

Well,for the environment is beautiful,cosy and elegant,is really nice as you can see those picture,their design is like a very high class japanese restaurant,and you can see is full house,full of people,is really comfortable....Feel quite warm....For the service is Fairly good,still can improve.....


= Unagi Temaki (RM8) =
This is my friend order,he say the taste is nice and the unagi is fresh!!!

= Shoft Shell Crab Temaki (RM8)=
Handroll with deep fried shoft shell crab!!!OMG...OMG....I gonna recommend you all this!!!Must Try!!!I think they using fresh shoft shell crab to make it!!!Totally fall in love,is really yummy....!!!If you are a shoft shell crab lover,go and try it!!!Then you will know why i like it so much dy....HAHA=)

= Shoft shell crab don (RM22) =
Come with a miso soup,well hmmmm i actually not really like their miso soup but shoft shell crab do!!!Is really fresh that i can taste....And the price is worth,not too pricey,Like it ♥ NoM NoM NoM.....

Sorry that i forgot the name of this don,hmm is chicken but forget what is the exact name because i lost the receipt ='( (RM22),but this also very nice,just have a try=)Because they using a very special sauce to pickled then fried it....Is delicious...

= Chicken Katsu Don (RM22) =
Lastly is chicken katsu don,seriously i not really like it but my boyfie do....Because the chicken like water water (HAHA,sorry i don't know decribe in English 水水的),the chicken is actually come stick with broken egg....so like "water water"

♥ That's all for today,Hope you all like it 

Here is the business hour and is Pork Free!!!

Tel: +603 6205 5228

Opening Hours:
11.30am – 3.00pm (Lunch)
6.00pm – 10.30pm (Dinner)


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