October 9, 2013

♥ Wondermilk @Uptown ♥

Was visited to wondermilk last tuesday,haha,sorry for so late updated blog because i was quite busy 
>.< ............ Well is really a nice place to chit-chat,and you also can bring lappy sit there for wholeday,got wifi provided.... =)

This is the first time i step in to this cafe,and i was fall in love to their environment,is very nice,and comfortable,for the service,i give 4 Star (5 star is max) because still got way to improve =) But i need to admit the service is very good,all staff put their smile on face and service is fast!!!!HAHAHa......

If you are cupcake lover,you can have a try on this cafe because their cupcake is really nice!!!!I am not cupcake lover but i really love their cupcake~!And for those dessert too!!!!Cravinggggggggggggg.......
Besides,their also have some main dishes,like sandwiches,pancake,spaghetti......

♥ Cupcakes,cakes & coffeeeee 

beside selling cupcake,their also got sell cookies (but i haven't try on it yet >.<)

like those cupcake,so nice and delicious...... 

♥ Menu on board 

Cake for sell....who wan? =)

♥ little corner 

♥ Many choices of Cupcakes 

Love the environment 

Kids corner 

 Mirror in toilet ♥ HAHAHA.....

 Nice decoration 

The corridor 

Pancake order by sha po ♥ (RM9.90)

Choco crunch slice ♥ (RM 12.00)
Is very yummy,rich of choco,and got crunchy inside!!!Delicious!!!

My sweet tomato basil meatball spaghetti ♥ (RM 14.90)
Add on just RM4 get grilled chicken,seriously i like their grilled chicken,but for this spaghetti i not really like on it because hmmm got some weird taste >.< But the meatball is nice!!!

Happy belated birthday to this sha po 
Two of us ♥ Ahahahah....totally like this!!!

= Thats all for today =
= Tq for visited my space =

= XOXO,loves =


41,Jalan 21/1A Damansara Utama
47400, Petaling Jaya Selangor Malaysia

Operating hours:
Mon - Sun 9am - 10pm
closed on public holidays


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