October 9, 2013

♥ Simple Outfit ♥ Denim with skater skirt

THis is my first time to blog about my fashion outfit
Just want to share my favorite outfit to all of you which is I like to match my denim top with a black skater skirt!
I am trying to make over and wear nicer yet proper when i go out, HAHA, because most of my friends say that i always wear "leh fei"(simply wear only) whenever i go out with them....

Nice right? HAHAHA.....

This is denim top,you can either match with skater skirt,like the photo,or leggings.....
And you actually can match with a belt as you can see in picture,more better,doesn't look like very boring and plain....=)
= Top from chanwon,i brought from her in bazaar =
= Skater skirt from H&M =

This outfit can match with boots,will make you look like fashion =)

=Thats all for today=



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